Man says intruder entered his home, cleaned everything and left behind toilet paper rose

Dated: 05/24/2019

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FOX 29 Philadelphia

A Massachusetts man got quite the surprise when he came home from work last week – strangers had broken into his house. Nothing was missing, but it had been thoroughly cleaned.

On May 15, Nate Roman, of Marlborough, said a stranger entered his home while he was at work. He said it’s possible he left the back door unlocked because there were no signs of forced entry.

“Ready for the weird part? Not only did they not take anything (that I can find), but the purpose of the visit was to clean my bathrooms and bedrooms,” Roman said. “They made the beds, vacuumed the rugs, scrubbed the toilets and left tp roses.

Roman shared a photo on Facebook of the toilet paper with an elaborate origami rose on the top of it.

He also shared a photo of his son’s bedroom where all of the toys were put away, the stuffed animals were stacked on the bed and sheets were folded up.

Roman added that the person didn’t leave a note or anything that addressed why his house was suddenly cleaned. He theorized that a housekeeping service accidentally went to the wrong address.

“It’s still weird and creepy AF. No idea what to think about this,” he said.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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